TDS-V - Team Deathmatch Server

Deathmatch Server in RAGE:MP

On the server, the focus is on deathmatch between teams. Through the lobby system you can decide which mode you want to play. Play turn-based battles between two teams in the arena, create a lobby with your own settings or join another player's lobby in User Lobbies. or create your own map in Map Creator. More lobbies are being worked on. Priority on Gang Lobby will be set only when there are enough players. In the Userpanel (U) you will find a lot of things to manage your account, answer your questions, look for help etc. Also be sure to check out the numerous settings to optimize your gaming experience as much as possible. RAGE:MP Server-IP: Discord is where we are most active: Here you can always reach us and get the latest information. The Teamspeak IP is the same as the one from the server: Here you can talk to others if you are not so into Discord. You can also contact us via email: Bug tracker and platform for suggestions: You can also follow the development here. We rely a lot on the ideas and bug reports from you players, so please use the platform. The owner and scripter: Bonus. Administrator, biggest motivation for starting the server: Pluz. Have fun!